About Us

About Us

After many years of experiences taking divers underwater, we have come to the conclusion that when it comes to diving, the one important aspect to pay attention to is safety.

Although the word has layers of meanings, for us, it only translates to one thing: to make sure that you are all well cared for, above and below the water.

Despite the wonderful colors of coral and amazing creatures like manta, mola-mola, sharks and many other marine animals, we know that the Ocean is a different world. When we dive, we enter an alien space where conditions can change unexpectedly. So no matter how expert you are in diving, without any local knowledge, your life can be at risk.

Because Bali water is so complex and complicated, we think it’s necessary to team up with local divers who know their base territory very well. The Amed-based dive masters, for example, must know about the day-to-day water and weather conditions, and the safest spots to jump in. Another example is how we master Nusa Dua. Everyone thinks that Nusa Dua diving is boring, but last time we saw a shark family hiding in between rocks – so it can definitely be surprising!

Local divers in your diving area will act like your bodyguards. They will tell you if the dive isn’t worth it because the weather is not friendly, or they know which coral to hide in when currents suddenly become strong. They may not be able to fluently speak your language, but in the water we all speak the same language.

We also provide for your safety by checking the equipment regularly and changing the necessary parts as often as possible. And to assure that you get our maximal guidance, we’ve decided to only focus on small diving groups. Our ratio is 1 dive master to 4 experienced divers, and 1 dive master to 2 beginners. So whatever your level is, you will get focused attention from us, and together we can explore the amazing underwater life of Bali.