Our Core Values

Our Core Values

While the standards of our diving resort are measured by PADI, what sets us apart from other operators is our core value.

As a local operator, we apply Balinese philosophy as the foundation of our business. Tri Hita Karana is the spirit of Bali, which focuses on maintaining harmonious connections between three main elements in life: the Gods, humans and nature.

With the Gods, we establish a deep vertical relationship by praying and devotion. Praying is a way to express our gratitude, and how we serve our roles on Earth is our devotion.

While maintaining a relationship with the Gods has been an integral part of our lives for centuries, to achieve harmonious life, we also have to connect with other humans.

We achieve this by collaborating with locals from many other areas in Bali. Instead of doing the whole job ourselves, we split work with others and make sure that the income – your money – is mutually shared with the local community in order to build the economy of diving areas in Bali.

When you dive with us, it means that you’re not diving as our guest, but as our family, so we will take care of you as if you were our family member.

Another way to express our gratitude to the Gods is by taking care of the environment. We do regular beach cleaning twice a month at Tanjung Benoa beach as a way to strengthen our teamwork and connection with nature. We also give back to nature by planting corals at least once a year in many different diving areas. By this we hope we can help to rejuvenate our seas and contribute to their long-lasting beauty, so the next generation can also enjoy the beauty.