Diving in Bali

Diving in Bali

Each location in Bali offers a different experience. A popular site for beginners is Tulamben. Located on the northeast side of Bali, Tulamben is a shore dive where divers can enter the site by walking from the beach. With calm water and a subtle current, Tulamben attracts divers with its USS Liberty shipwreck, and gorgeous sea garden that is also a home to beautiful coral such as gorgonian fans, stern gun or sponges and colorful reef fish. If you want to dive here, early mornings in October and November deliver better diving since this site is quite popular.

While beginners are better off in Tulamben, experienced divers who aim for a challenge head to Nusa Penida to behold the highlights of Bali diving. During July – September, divers come to witness mola-mola, or sunfish, that appear for a feeding frenzy in the sea near Nusa Penida in a spot called Crystal Bay. The surrounding waters in Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan also offer many different under-water attractions such as sharks, turtles, dolphins, beautiful coral reef gardens, and diverse tropical fish. Unfortunately, not all the spots are advisable for beginners, since the current is really strong in these areas. Another sight that is a highlight here is manta rays. This big eloquent fish can be seen almost any time of the year, often the fish swim close to the surface, which means that snorkelers can have a chance to play and swim with them. Aside from that, snorkelers can also enjoy exploring safer spots around the islands by boat.

Menjangan and Pemuteran are two of the most famous dive spots in north Bali. Menjangan is an island, part of a conservation forest that is known for its unique native inhabitants: deer. Under the water you can see such diverse inhabitants such as lionfish and trevally while swimming among wonderful colors of coral, gorgonian fans and sponges in the clear-visibility water that makes Menjangan the best diving experience in your life.

Many think Nusa Dua is a boring site for diving, but there are actually a lot of attractions in the area that most divers don’t know about. Schools of topical fish like bat fish, damsel fish, and butterfly fish are among the highlights, and you will also see lobsters, anemones, snappers, giant trigger fish, cuttlefish, octopuses, and various tiny sea creatures which often go unnoticed by divers. Those who are very keen can explore corals for small reef sharks hiding there, or check out some spots on Nusa Dua’s barrier reef. Still craving more excitement? Why not dive Nusa Dua at night to see the unique creatures that only come out in the dark?